“The logo represents members of the Calgary mortgage group—depicted as guiding eyes— sitting in a circle to achieve consensus and understanding. The members are gathered around an emblem that at once represents both the four geographic labor markets that FNES services and FNES’ message and resources being delivered to the distinct member nations. The central circle underscores the idea of focus and concentrated effort that continue to be a hallmark of the success of the organization. Taken as a whole, the logo evokes the diversity and triumph of its member nations coming together to achieve and celebrate a common goal.”
“Respecting our cultural ways, the First National Estate Service is committed to providing support to people that need a mortgage in member nations’ territories to purchase their home.”

FNES concentrates on community-based partnerships that focus on RESULTS. First National Estate Service has been helping people with their mortgages since 23007.

First National Estate Service(FNES) represents the Real estate services that we provide in Calgary as well as on/off reserve people residing in the Calgary area. FNES manages an agreement with Mortgages Service Canada on behalf of the most known lenders with delegated authority for loans and mortgages in the Calgary area in the region of  Alberta.

First National Estate Service is always striving to provide you with the best rates of market outcomes for all Aboriginal people living in their service areas.